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  • Academy of design and technology

Academy of design and technology

Almaty, Medeu district, Kunaeva 43, +7 (727) 313-21-40, +7 (727) 273-05-11, +7 (727) 273-06-29
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Academy of design and technology

Academy of design and technology

The Academy of design and technology "simbat" is one of the most modern and best institutions in the country, which is guided by education in fashion and design (costumes and interiors), art and decorative arts, as well as all sewing products and design technologies, scenography of film and television make-up and theatrical costume.

The advantages of the Academy are the implementation of national system tasks of education and development of the country, we have a powerful modern production base-sewing salons, design workshops, research and development, laboratory of materials science, design Bureau and much more.

Since 2004, our students have been the winners of international design competitions (Czech Republic, Turkey, Russia, China, Uzbekistan, Ukraine), national competitions of diploma projects, student papers, Olympiads in the fields of design and technology and construction of light industry products;

- employment of graduates:

according to statistics, about 95% of graduates are employed before graduation from high School and College. The best students can stay and work at the Academy of fashion "Symbat»;

— the leading place in the ranking of universities: the Academy according to the results of the General rating of universities of Kazakhstan in 2010, 2011 is among 60 leading universities and ranked at the specialty "Design" second place out of 22, majoring in "Technology and designing of products of light industry" third place;

It is the demand for our graduates and the quality of education that has determined the prestige and popularity of our Academy not only in Kazakhstan, but also throughout Central Asia. We are developing rapidly and dynamically and are constantly trying to improve and improve the quality of education. If you want to achieve heights in the fashion, design, art, technology, design, economy and service industries, then you will make the right choice by coming to us!

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