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Mercur driving school in Almaty

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Mercur driving school in Almaty

Mercur driving school in Almaty

Mercur driving school in Almaty - our driving school was established in 2006, located on the territory Of the shopping Complex "Auto town "(3rd floor), at the intersection of Utegen Batyr and Tole bi streets (opposite the bus Station"Sayran"). At the same time, the driving School can train up to 180 people. Classes are conducted both in the evening and in the morning. Spacious classrooms equipped with visual AIDS and textbooks (including a number of training programs and video courses), models of parts, components and assemblies of the car, posters, computers, a movie projector, a slide projector, screens, and other TSO. Brand new cars Toyota Camry 30, Toyota Highlander, VW Golf, VW Polo, experienced and competent staff of teachers and masters of practical driving training, reasonable prices-all this guarantees that you will get the necessary knowledge and excellent driving skills at our driving School. You will learn to understand the car and feel the need for Your iron friend.

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