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  • Orlyonok children's camp in Ulytau district

Orlyonok children's camp in Ulytau district

РУССКИЙсоставляЛагерь находится в в Улытауском районе, близ города Жезказган. Стоимость отдыха для ребенка составля100 / 10000АНГЛИЙСКИЙ
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Welcome to the page of our children's camp Orlyonok in Ulytau district. If you decide to send your child to a summer camp and relax yourself, we offer you this opportunity. In the summer, children do not study at all, they want to run, have fun and play — our camp is the perfect opportunity for your children to spend time with benefits. A day-long Summer Camp is an opportunity to do interesting things for a child, to master the possibilities of survival in the forest at a young age! The camp will allow you to play games, sing songs around the campfire, play sports, participate in competitions and learn foreign languages at the same time. This is useful for children's development, and at the same time your child will not be dependent on the computer and the Internet. He will have something to tell at school and what to write the well-known essay " How did I spend the summer?".

Children's camp invites children from 7 to 16 years old to its walls for summer holidays, we will allow you to plunge into the atmosphere of celebration and adventure. The camp loves children, so during the holidays we focus on children's recreation by organizing large arrivals of children and a dense entertainment program. Leisure time is scheduled by the minute for themed holidays, games, interest groups, sports activities. The camp has 4 modern residential buildings, an indoor swimming pool, a Playground, a modern medical building, a rope Park, a trolley track, volleyball and football fields.

In our summer camp, children will do whatever they want and, if they want, learn new languages for them. The daily schedule is developed for each group separately. For a comfortable stay, children need to have comfortable shoes, Slippers, a sweater in case of cold weather and other comfortable clothes.

The camp is located in the Ulytau district, near the city of Zhezkazgan. The cost of recreation for a child is from 60,000 to 120,000 tenge. You can order tour packages in special agencies.

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