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Zhangeldin street-144; Zhetysu district, Almaty city+7 (727) 384‒86‒73 +7‒777‒256‒16‒18
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Be clever child development center - early development and preparation for school. We will help you in the development of your child, because we know how important it is. Without full development, it will be difficult for the child to learn new material and perform poorly. But we will help, because we have a lot of experience in teaching children. We know how to solve any problem with development, and we will help prevent this from happening. We have created all age groups, from 2 to 10 years. Each group has its own approach to training and material. We have all the items for development: outdoor playgrounds, toys, audio and video materials, books of various levels, recreation rooms, a dining room and an Assembly hall. We provide development from an early age, because this will allow you to better learn new material and success in the future is guaranteed.

Our educational programs: entertaining mathematics and logic, General development, familiarity with the world around us, creative workshop, learning in the game, young polymath. Our program develops such necessary skills as: development of visual and auditory perception, improvement of memory and thinking; personal development; individual approach and attention to each child; love of learning and homework. And our group on mental arithmetic, will allow you to develop: speed of thinking, mindfulness, fast counting, memory development, strengthening abilities. For children who have basic skills, we can offer individual classes to pass old classes or learn something new. We help everyone, and that's why we have an extended day group: help with tasks, identify gaps and successfully eliminate them, and develop creative thinking. For full development, we teach children English to get all the skills earlier and successfully learn new ones. We monitor not only mental development, but also behavior, activity, communication with children, and sports skills. We have video cameras installed to monitor security around the entire kindergarten. Also, children always have an adult who monitors the situation and always helps in a difficult situation. All our rooms are equipped with all necessary appliances. We have: projectors for showing videos and presentations, speakers for listening to fairy tales and stories, a computer class for getting acquainted with technology. For active children, the classrooms have walking paths and stairs. We have only effective teaching methods - your child will be able to speak Kazakh and English fluently. You can choose the time and number of classes per week. If you don't know where to start, our teachers will find out your level and choose the appropriate method. We will make your training effective and diverse. Learning through the game is an opportunity to combine the useful with the pleasant.

Get only full development, and learn something new every day. And we will check the result, and we will continue to develop!

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