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Preschool training

Your baby is already quite big and You are already thinking about preparing for school.It is very important for a child to enter into society gradually learns discipline,learn to read and write under the guidance of an experienced teacher.A huge number of kindergartens,development centres and educational institutions for pre-school.How to choose where to send your child when he is of an institution.The best advertising is word of mouth.Someone who advised or on own experience told me all the advantages or disadvantages of institutions for children.We have prepared You a list of all pre-primary institutions,with a full description and the reviews about them.As there is location and contacts.

For You we have developed a convenient filter to search for schools. Moved all the universities on the card so you can immediately view the location of this educational institution.
From our portal, we want to wish You success, and most importantly that All Your objectives with ease achieved. We believe that in any sphere of your activities you will achieve tremendous results.

Полный список School preparation Казахстана

Winterkids children's Educational center

Zhetysu-1 - 40 microdistrict; Auezovsky district, Almaty city+7 (727) 373 66 15, +7 (727) 373 53 88
InterKids children's Educational center is a place where your child develops all the necessary skills. We conduct classes in a playful way, prepare children for school, teach kids early development. Our main advantages: space for development - we use different training materials to develop a variety..

Pchelka children's educational center

Solodovnikov street-21E; Bostandyk district, Almatycity+7 727 392 77 37, +7 777 233 80 40
Pchelka children's educational center is the best children's center for the full development of a child. After our opening, we participated in the upbringing and education of 300 children and we can say with confidence that they spent this time with great benefit and joy from the educational game. W..

ORCHARD children's educational center

Samal 2 microdistrict; Medeu district, Almaty city+7 (705) 915 99 96
Orchard educational Center is your opportunity to prepare for school. We use innovative and best educational programs from different countries, which we have successfully upgraded, because we are not the first year in the educational market. We adhere to the main rule of our center - a stable result..

Domashka Plus children's center -

Kurmangazy street-48A; Almalinsky district, Almaty city+7 (727) 261-28-98 +7-701-518-36-49
Our Domashka Plus center helps parents and grandparents prepare their children for school. We will teach him all the General skills that will be useful in the future. Our teachers, who have extensive experience working with children, will help prepare your child for primary school, teach the basics ..

children's center of Excellence -

83 Pushkin street; Medeu district, Almaty city+7 (727) 328-31-68 +7-707-222-08-33
Excellence children's center is an opportunity to prepare for your child's future. Dear parents-now you have a great opportunity to give your child everything that he needs, because we do it professionally. We want to give your child a full-fledged education so that they can continue their school ca..

Be clever child development center -

Zhangeldin street-144; Zhetysu district, Almaty city+7 (727) 384‒86‒73 +7‒777‒256‒16‒18
Be clever child development center - early development and preparation for school. We will help you in the development of your child, because we know how important it is. Without full development, it will be difficult for the child to learn new material and perform poorly. But we will help, because ..

NuRkids early development center -

Raiymbek Avenue-481b; Alatau district, Almaty city+7‒705‒227‒17‒81
NURkids early development center is an opportunity to quickly prepare a child for the future life. We are engaged in teaching General development, preparing for school, pulling up Laggards and educating them as our own. Our center meets all quality standards, where there is everything for full menta..

Moe Solnishko children's development center -

Utegen Batyr street-11; Auezovsky district, Almaty city+7-707-719-04-26
Children's development center MoE Solnyshko - your help in the development of the child. We have been working for several years, and we know how to achieve maximum results. Your child is in safe hands, because we always monitor his development and behavior. If there are difficulties, we immediately ..

Train Your Brain children's training center -

Kulager - 30 microdistrict, Zhetysu district, Almaty city+7‒747‒500‒88‒10; +7 (727) 351‒37‒57
Children's training center Train Your Brain – full-fledged training of children and adolescents for further development. We are engaged in early development and preparation for school. These stages are so necessary that further training will be problematic without them. With our methods and programs..

Umnikum Children's development center -

300 Bogenbay Batyr street; Almalinsky district, Almaty city&
Children's development center Umnikum-give your child only the best education. With our help, you can easily master all the necessary skills, learn independence and prepare for school. Our professional teachers will be able to find an effective approach to each child. We use the most popular and up-..

Isma-Sana children's educational center -

95 Maylin street; Turksib district, Almaty city&l
Isma-Sana children's educational center is your guide to quality education. Thanks to us, you can teach your child all the necessary skills, give them General knowledge, introduce them to different languages, and prepare for school. We are happy to teach children of all ages, help them in difficult ..

FasTracKids Educational Center -

Kenesary Khan, 54/11; Nauryzbay district, Almaty city+7‒777‒033‒88‒85
The FasTracKids Educational Center is the best way to get the necessary knowledge. Give your child all the necessary opportunities that will open up a successful future for him. Our programs are designed to create the most necessary skills for children: curiosity, emotions, discipline and communicat..

Family Center "Ordinary Miracle" -

Donentaev, 1H; Turksib district, Almaty+7 (727) 251‒41‒02; +7‒701‒739‒82‒41
The family center "Ordinary Miracle" invites you to join a large group of teachers who will teach all children the basics of school and life grammar. Here, you can find your creative abilities, get acquainted with the main directions of development, and get an unforgettable experience from the learn..

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