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83 Pushkin street; Medeu district, Almaty city+7 (727) 328-31-68 +7-707-222-08-33
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Excellence children's center is an opportunity to prepare for your child's future. Dear parents-now you have a great opportunity to give your child everything that he needs, because we do it professionally. We want to give your child a full-fledged education so that they can continue their school career on their own. Our concept: every child can be successful! Our goal is to develop the personality and creative abilities of each child. We believe that every child is unique and has an individual approach to learning. The main task is to help in the development of school material, and the disclosure of creative abilities. We have many years of experience, which makes it easy to prepare an individual program, help you learn and apply your capabilities in a good way. Our center fully complies with all standards, is equipped with technical equipment and useful manuals. We offer an up-to-date and diverse range of services for the development of all the necessary qualities of a child. We will help each child to become unique, capable and successful! There is nothing better than to surprise a child's joy when he succeeds in something and is praised for it. This introduces children to the motivation to encourage each new discovery with kind words. We help you reach a basic level of knowledge so that it will be useful for your child in the future. The center also provides classes for parents. We are always happy to see You and your child in our walls!

We have a special group for the little ones. The materials and programs are approved by the Montessori Association, and have been successfully applied for many years. Classes are held together with parents and are aimed at the full development of the child. We take into account the age and abilities of children, and can simplify our training program or provide a tutor for additional classes. You can pass the material separately, or choose the desired items. Our specialists work in all primary school subjects and can help in a problematic situation. If the child does not cope with the task, our teachers will find out the problem, suggest a solution, and successfully resume the learning process. In addition, individual classes with an English teacher are possible, because learning the language helps to develop the student's intellectual abilities. It is important to start learning a language at an early age so that it becomes successful in the future. This allows you to learn new material with high efficiency in further classes, and rely on your skills. we help you develop your reading, writing, and speaking skills, expand your vocabulary, and teach you how to build sentences correctly. this makes it easy to watch foreign movies and understand conversations, read and translate books, and much more. We try our best to ensure that your children can get the Foundation for their future education.

Come to our center and see for yourself how we professionally prepare children for the next school year!

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