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NuRkids early development center

Raiymbek Avenue-481b; Alatau district, Almaty city+7‒705‒227‒17‒81
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NuRkids early development center

NuRkids early development center

NURkids early development center is an opportunity to quickly prepare a child for the future life. We are engaged in teaching General development, preparing for school, pulling up Laggards and educating them as our own. Our center meets all quality standards, where there is everything for full mental and physical development. We teach children of all ages, give them the opportunity to realize themselves, develop their personality and character, creative and mental abilities. We have a set of groups that take into account the age and abilities of the child. We also offer tutoring and individual classes, where you can choose what to take. The early development center will help you master all the necessary skills for further work, and you will not have to worry about your child's school year. He will learn how to do homework, be calm and obedient in the classroom and will be able to please you with good grades. Start with the basics of learning, and confidently move through our methods, which open up many opportunities for the child.

We want to prove that early development of a child is a necessary learning process for further work. After all, the sooner you learn school skills, the easier and more effective it will be to get new information, and most importantly, to learn it correctly. For this development, you need to learn a new language, which will allow you to pass the educational milestone faster. We will teach your child all the basics of language proficiency: oral and written speech, correct sentence construction, reading simple stories and correct pronunciation-all this will allow you to master the language perfectly with subsequent classes. You will be surprised when your child can translate any sentence and ask a question in another language. If you have any problems, please let us know immediately - our qualified staff of teachers will be able to correct any gaps and fix the material for a long time. If you don't have time to study on weekends, we have a solution - weekend groups will help you free up a couple of hours for work. We will keep an eye on your children, and at the same time check the result of our work. If you have basic skills and don't want to work in a group, we offer private classes. You choose the time and level of training, and we successfully prepare your child. Our educational program consists of up-to-date and time-tested methods, and the result is always the same-your child's success is guaranteed! We develop not only mental abilities, but also give creative abilities an opportunity: we give a choice for implementing ideas, always motivate children, correctly develop personal qualities and General norms of behavior. After a few classes, you will see the result: your child will correctly Express their thoughts and desires, please with good grades and develop their talents found in our classes.

We do everything to make your child smart and well-mannered!

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