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Isma-Sana children's educational center

95 Maylin street; Turksib district, Almaty city&l
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Isma-Sana children's educational center -

Isma-Sana children's educational center -

Isma-Sana children's educational center is your guide to quality education. Thanks to us, you can teach your child all the necessary skills, give them General knowledge, introduce them to different languages, and prepare for school. We are happy to teach children of all ages, help them in difficult times, and introduce them to the world around them. Our center has all the necessary materials, equipment and personnel for training. Kind and qualified teachers, comfortable classrooms with TV sets, entertainment events, sports grounds - a great atmosphere for learning, so that the child can fully develop. We offer a variety of educational programs, teaching methods, and ways to provide material. Each student will have an individual approach, their own level of training and daily attention. We will monitor all your child's progress and achievements, and inform your parents of any changes. Our training methods will help to interest any child, teach them to perform tasks independently and Express their thoughts correctly. Give your child a chance to learn everything in this world. Don't delay your development until later, start learning right now!

We will help you learn - the school program will become easier for you. Knowledge of school subjects, rules of behavior, expression of your emotions - all this you can get from us. If you want to study only selective subjects, we offer you individual training where you can go deeper into your subject. We also teach English and Kazakh languages, give only the necessary knowledge and a strong Foundation. Even the smallest children will be able to learn a new language using our approaches to learning. With us,you can learn how to read and write correctly, speak and translate, and improve your vocabulary. For everyone, we have launched online training, where you can learn every day. Online learning allows you to spend more time studying, complete tasks on a daily basis, and practice your knowledge. We will actively engage in your training and make it effective and informative. The child must acquire knowledge at an early age, and therefore it becomes difficult to follow their learning, and excessive pressure can lose interest in learning. That's why we make our training easier, use games and surrounding objects, and give you the opportunity to do your own work. And most importantly, we pay great attention to breaks - we have a special recreation area, a sports field and a dining room. Come to our educational center and discover a new world of knowledge!

The Isma-Sana educational center will make your learning easy, easy and useful. All your gaps in knowledge will be corrected and will never be repeated. We develop every child!

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