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  • Pchelka children's educational center

Pchelka children's educational center

Solodovnikov street-21E; Bostandyk district, Almatycity+7 727 392 77 37, +7 777 233 80 40
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Pchelka children's educational center

Pchelka children's educational center

Pchelka children's educational center is the best children's center for the full development of a child. After our opening, we participated in the upbringing and education of 300 children and we can say with confidence that they spent this time with great benefit and joy from the educational game. We are very happy that our professional teachers provide all the necessary skills at this age, and continue to teach children new discoveries to form a harmonious and full-fledged development. We all know that every child is unique,and deep in the soul there are sprouts of talents. And our teaching staff helps to find and develop interest in various works.

We create a development program based on the age of the child, so as not to load it, and correctly learn the material. Our center for preschool education, takes children from one year old, and conducts education, development and training. to correctly adapt children's thinking to the real learning environment, and help them get used to school. We firmly fix the material so that the school material becomes a familiar thing and the basis for further development. Our program is aimed at obtaining such important skills as: perception, ability to concentrate, behave correctly in society and with adults, be independent, correct expression and acceptance of emotions, correct construction of words, speech skills, and development of the child's personality. Our teachers are highly qualified specialists who have passed international courses on education and professional development.

For active parents, we have developed an exclusive development program where you can participate in your child's education. You can choose the ways of development, methods, and objects that the child will interact with - and you can teach them yourself. All training sessions are compiled taking into account the child's age, development characteristics and capabilities of children. We offer parents to choose music and video compositions so that children get knowledge in different ways. This will allow you to develop auditory skills, vision, and correctly Express emotions. At this age, the child is as open to development as possible, and the more he learns, the better for him. Therefore, you should start working with your child as early as possible. Our training material is divided into blocks that are built on the principle of changing activities, which allows you to develop interest and multitasking without overloading the child. This is why a 45-minute lesson is held, which covers all areas. All classes are designed according to the approved norms and standards of Child development, and are prescribed for the entire school year. You can find out all the detailed information by phone number. We use only high-quality and efficient equipment, toys and teaching AIDS. Our professional methods are always being developed and tested so that your child gets all the necessary knowledge during the game.

Start developing now, let your child get to know the world around them!

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