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Domashka Plus children's center

Kurmangazy street-48A; Almalinsky district, Almaty city+7 (727) 261-28-98 +7-701-518-36-49
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Our Domashka Plus center helps parents and grandparents prepare their children for school. We will teach him all the General skills that will be useful in the future. Our teachers, who have extensive experience working with children, will help prepare your child for primary school, teach the basics of education with a new and up-to-date educational program. Children will get a clear and vivid idea of the school, how to study, behave in front of teachers and Express their emotions. We fully organize the child's day so that they get used to this schedule and continue to adhere to it. And by the fourth grade, they will be able to do their own homework, search for and analyze information, correctly Express their thoughts and learn new knowledge. But to do this, you need to successfully pass the initial stage, and our teachers will help you find and tighten up the gaps in knowledge. We want the child to receive daily information, consolidate and successfully apply their skills in life. All our programs and methods are aimed at acquiring new knowledge in many areas of the world, developing mental abilities. All this will be useful in future training, so that you can easily learn new material.

We have two shifts to increase the flow of students, and distribute the schedule for convenience. Our teachers with extensive experience in school will monitor the completion of homework in all subjects and suggest the right solution. We have developed a flexible system of our program: you can choose classes for five, three or four days a week. To develop the General Outlook, we have created clubs and sections: chess, art, language learning. You can also leave the children for a couple of hours at the weekend, and we will look after them. The center prepares not only for school, but also conducts its own development. Our goal is to teach children to read, write, think and Express their thoughts, get used to the world around them, and do their own homework. This will allow you to teach your child to learn, love to study and go to school, and therefore get new knowledge. We have opened up so that your children can develop while you are busy and have no free time. Experienced teachers with long experience in school will help a primary school student to cope with any homework! We want the child to fully develop, and wanted to learn in other directions. Our methodical programs help you to develop and acquire new skills, to realize your potential, to develop personal qualities, and to take new steps in school life. All our rooms and offices are equipped with all the necessary items for a full-fledged education: video and audio materials, educational and methodical manuals, places for recreation and study, a computer class, a game room. We do everything to ensure that the child successfully learns the material and applies it in practice.

Come to our center, choose a convenient time for you and develop with us. We are ready to develop!

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