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Baby's house in Taldykorgan

Taldykorgan, Garyshker microdistrict, 34. Phone: +7 7282 25-47-72.
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Baby's house in Taldykorgan

Baby's house in Taldykorgan

Good day, you are on the page of the baby's House in Taldykorgan. During the period of work, a lot of children were brought up, who now work hard and study for the benefit of the Motherland. The rich history of our kindergarten has been created for many years, providing an influx of new traditions and values. We process and systematize information, analyze the received materials and information and create a full-fledged curriculum from them, which in the end allows you to create a fully educated generation. The orphanage was founded in 2000. At the moment, many orphans and children who need attention and care are brought up in the orphanage, the children are divided into houses, each of which has a mother-teacher, the children call them just mom. Only gifted children are brought up in an orphanage. The orphanage has excellent conditions for additional education — there are needlework, vocal, choreography clubs, sports sections and much more.

Most of the communication children receive not only within the walls of the orphanage, but also outside it. Our institution has the opportunity to send children to camps where they can take a break from the school year. The camp is located in a picturesque area where children from an orphanage spend their annual holidays. The camp has everything for children to relax and have fun in nature. We have the opportunity to help any children in difficult life situations thanks to you, those who do not spare their money to help others.

In our children's home, any child will find something to do, will be able to reveal their talents, find friends and girlfriends. Experienced teachers and psychologists will help the child in upbringing, and most importantly — the person will get a shelter and an opportunity for a new life. We are located At the address: 34 Garyshker microdistrict, Taldykorgan. Phone: +7 7282 25-47-72.

If you have witnessed the illegal use of child labor or found orphaned children, please let us know.

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