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Art education

Pavlodar art College

Pavlodar, St. AK. A. H. Margulan, 91 +7 (7182) 62-33-27
Pavlodar art College was established on 24 may 1996. Since before 2014 it was released about 500 students. To date, the College has an enrollment of about 200 people, the teaching staff is 150 people, of which 80% have the highest qualification category. Every year the students participate in intern..

College the Academy of design and technology Symbat in Almaty

Almaty street Zhibek Zholy, 65 +7 (727) 273-06-29, 273-05-11<
In 1996 was founded a new institution — the College on the basis of the Republican house of clothes, hosiery and shoes. Due to the lack of specialists for textile and light industry, it was decided to organize a College of fashion 'Symbat'. We are located at Almaty, Kunayev str. 43 phone: +7 (727) 3..

Детский образовательный центр Светлячок в Алматы


Academy of design and technology

Almaty, Medeu district, Kunaeva 43, +7 (727) 313-21-40, +7 (727) 273-05-11, +7 (727) 273-06-29
The Academy of design and technology "simbat" is one of the most modern and best institutions in the country, which is guided by education in fashion and design (costumes and interiors), art and decorative arts, as well as all sewing products and design technologies, scenography of film and televisi..

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