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Good time of day.Nowadays it is difficult to live not knowing foreign languages,in the Arsenal of every person must be at least three language knowledge at the level of the conversation.Knowing more languages you can easily and safely visit other continents or negotiate with large companies in the leading countries.
The important role played by knowledge parents for germinating Chad.Investing the knowledge of languages in teaching your child you give him the chance to study abroad and having new experiences after graduation!We have gathered for You the best language courses in the ROK.
For You we have developed a convenient filter to search for schools. Moved all the universities on the card so you can immediately view the location of this educational institution.
From our portal, we want to wish You success, and most importantly that All Your objectives with ease achieved. We believe that in any sphere of your activities you will achieve tremendous results.


English Skills educational center

44 Abay Avenue; Bostandyk district, Almaty city+7-707-783-09-98
English Skills educational center-prepares students for successful completion of the master's test and international certificate. You will acquire the skills of listening to foreign speech, and the ability to work with texts of any complexity.We provide training in a light form, where special attent..

private Lessons language school -

46 Mametova street; Almalinsky district, Almaty city+7‒701‒111‒80‒52
Private Lessons is a language school where you will learn all the tricks of learning languages. We provide an opportunity to learn a language online, or in a group during classes. Our training materials will allow you to master any language perfectly in a short time. We will teach you all the necess..

Talent training center -

39 Markov street; Bostandyk district, Almaty city+7‒707‒715‒39‒00
Talent-language courses in our city. We teach: language courses with our teachers, with native speakers, conduct educational courses on school subjects, create clubs and clubs for creativity, conduct corporate training. Our groups consist of two to six people, and there is a possibility of individua..

STUDY-YES language center -

3/1 Zein Shashkin street; Bostandyk district, Almaty city+7-702-225-01-55 +7 (727) 225-10-55
The STUDY-YES language center is a full-fledged language training center where you will get all the skills for professional language proficiency. You will receive information and materials from native speakers. Our program is fully up-to-date and accessible to all ages. You will be able to learn all..

the language school Langberry -

177 Nazarbayev Avenue; Almalinsky district, Almaty city+7 (727) 261-05-75
Langberry language school is a network of language schools in our country. We provide English language training services for children and adults. Our courses have a full guarantee of results, we are preparing for studying abroad, and we have the opportunity to conduct more classes. Our huge potentia..

LingvoMania English language school -

Samal 2 microdistrict; Medeu district, Almaty city+7-775-669-75-40
LingvoMania English language school is your chance to master English perfectly. We can offer you the most effective training program that allows you to use the language in any field of activity. You will be able to learn the basics and principles of language proficiency from qualified specialists, a..

the network of training centers Spaceweaver -

111 Zheltoksan street; Almalinsky district, Almaty city+7-747-658-34-12; +7-747-658-34-17
the network of training centers Spaceweather - ability to learn a foreign language and travel the world with us. Training is available offline and remotely. We have graduated a lot of students, and we are not going to stop. We also send students abroad, create jobs, and have established several bran..

Firefly children's educational center in Almaty

Almaty, Astana microdistrict, 7A, (Mamyr-2) on Sha street
The main activities of the children's center "Firefly" are early development and preparation for school. There are also music classes and lessons in Kazakh and English. The center's psychologist and speech Therapist advises parents on parenting, training, and conducts individual remedial classes. Th..

language center A-Level Educational Center -

52b Abay Avenue; Bostandyk district, Almaty city+7-707-313-74-13 +7 (727) 392-25-95
Language center A Level Educational Center - an opportunity to gain professional skills and master the language perfectly. Our test will determine your level of practical skills. You can come to a trial session and see our capabilities. After all, we try to use all possible methods to ensure that yo..

Foreign language courses polyglot+ in Atyrau

Address:Kazakhstan, Atyrau, Avangard 4mkr. 8 homephone Numbers:+7 (7122) 21-12-96, +7 (7122) 50-63-90, +7 775 577 2989..

China center language school (laoshi) -

15 Nauryzbay Batyr street; Almalinsky district, Almaty city+7 (727) 279-33-57 +7-777-245-08-75
China center language school (laoshi) is your opportunity to learn Chinese together with native speakers. We conduct classes at all levels of training, and can teach even a child. We have only an up-to-date and popular training program that will help you pass an international certificate. After a fe..

English language courses The World of Languages 69 World Foreign Languages in Almaty

Address: Almaty, 125A Makatayev street, 1 office; 1 & nb
The World of Languages offers you a multi-level course:- English-German— Chinese-Japanese-Turkish-Korean- French-Italian- Russian as a foreign language— and many other languages);!OUR WEBSITE: WWW.2ENGLISH.KZin the process of teaching a foreign language, modern methods are used- classes are conducte..

Stay Connected language center (SC center) -

​Seifullin Avenue-410; Almalinsky district, Almaty city+7-777-977-99-97 +7 (727) 317-05-06
Stay Connected language center ( SC center) - we teach everyone and everything. We have all the leading areas for training: business course, foreign language for children, General course, corporate study, study abroad, exam preparation. You decide how to use it - you choose the time, amount, intensi..

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