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Almaty automobile and road College

Our address: Almaty, Raiymbek prospect 417а.8 (727) 387 1422
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Almaty automobile and road College on the portal

Almaty automobile and road College on the portal

November 2002 was marked by the appearance of a new College in the city of Almaty, the author of the idea of the College was Professor of the International Academy Rakhimzhan Abylkasymovich.

Almaty automobile and road College became one of the first educational institutions that produced students with state-issued diplomas. For fifteen years, our College has been part of a scientific and innovative complex founded by leading professionals of the automobile and road industry. Many students who have completed their studies enter our Academy,where they can get a Bachelor's degree.

We train students in the fields of maintenance, repair and operation of motor vehicles, road construction, operation of construction machinery, transportation organization and management of vehicles, and accounting and audit.

Terms of study vary from 2 years and 9 months to four years of study, depending on the number of classes completed.

The educational institution has state grants that anyone can compete for. In order to find out whether you are worthy of free education, you must pass the comprehensive testing of the applicant (KTA), which are conducted in educational institutions in electronic form. The test includes five subjects, two of which are specialized. To get a grant, you need to get at least 70 points out of 140, and then it all depends on how many people get more points than you.

Students of our College lead an active lifestyle-they are engaged in arm wrestling. one of our students took second place in the Republican arm wrestling competition and won a silver medal. Events are held such as "Dancing through the ages", in which young men and women show the movements of different generations.

We are waiting for you at the address: 417a Raiymbek Avenue, Almaty.

We promise, it won't be boring!

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