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  • Almaty Kazakh state humanitarian-pedagogical College number 2

the Almaty Kazakh state humanitarian-pedagogical College number 2

Almaty, street of Vilnius, 29 +7 (727) 309-55-70, 309-55-68
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Almaty state humanitarian pedagogical College №2 was founded in 1980 and today provides modern educational programs that help school leavers to fully master modern information technology.

For twenty seven years the progress of education, our College has produced more than five thousand teachers for schools and preschools for the whole of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

College professors can boast of the highest and first categories and titles 'badge of honor' 'the Honorable worker of the Republic of Kazakhstan' and others. College awarded as 'Best College of the year' in Almaty and learn the prize of Akim of Almaty region.

We create highly qualified professionals — teachers of a new generation that will always be needed in the labour market, will seek to achieve educational heights and to success.

The College provides a two-storey building, which includes twenty-one room, a hall for dance, gym, meeting room, seven equipped with the latest technology computer classrooms, a language lab to listen to audio in different languages, and memorize foreign words. Also in the building there is a library with a reading room for fifty seats and fifty-two thousand books.

In school you can not only learn, but also to relax. We have various sports clubs and annually day-of-College competitions with valuable prizes. You have to engage in professional soccer, volleyball, gymnastics, chess and table tennis.

We have creative studios and dance clubs — it's choral singing, creative workshop preschooler and vocal group — all of these studios allow you to develop the aesthetic education and spirituality, to participate in competitions and shows initiative and to develop their personality.

If you love to teach, you have a desire to education, pursuit of knowledge, we are waiting for you at: Almaty, street of Vilnius, 29.

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