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  • Almaty state College of new technologies
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Almaty state College of new technologies

Almaty, Tole bi street, 287А +7 (727) 238-13-80, 238-13-85
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            In our College only four specialty, but training in our College is fairly high quality, because our staff includes a masters of education and science. The College has a Centre for computer diagnostics, workshop in electronic engineering, mechanical plot, we have a wide range of cars on the motors. Only we have the opportunity not only to learn students, but also to improve their skills adults. .

We have our own driving school where each student can learn to drive and to right category And, after three-month course of theory and twenty hours of practical driving. The driving school is equipped with Cabinet driving, which has comfortable seats, a steering wheel and pedals for testing in theory, the offices on the cars and the rules of the road.

We have a unique for the entire city of Almaty specialty 'Modeling and designing clothes', the uniqueness of it is that we study such brands as Gerber Grtis and known around the world and the recognition of the leading garment enterprises of many countries, including Russia and Turkey. On the basis of manufactured products, we have a contest mod, in the special Fashion Theatre, which has the status of 'Best fashion house'.

In the future we plan opening of the Higher technical school, which will be three stage of education. The school will be to prepare engineering and technology professionals. Can be doing today in our College, in three years you will study at a University of College.

Cultural and recreational centres we have also developed perfectly. There are various sport clubs the local history club, clubs guitar, dombra, dance, Fashion, humor and much more.

We hope to see You in the walls of our College, and that you will become professionals after the training in our institution. Good luck! Our address: Tole-Bi, 287 And


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