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  • Almaty Kazakh-Turkish humanitarian and technological College

Almaty Kazakh-Turkish humanitarian and technological College

Almaty, Kazybek bi street, 168 8 (775) 922 5311
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Almaty Kazakh-Turkish humanitarian and technological College is a fully modern school at the University of Foreign Languages and Business Career. A team of prepodavatelei consists of the most experienced and famous Turkish and Kazakh scientists, knowledgeable, and educating students in English, Russian, Kazakh, Turkish, Arabic languages, using visual AIDS and a variety of useful materials.

Our goal is the graduation of students ready to any life situation, can perfectly cope with the technology of the future. ANJHTC creates a comfortable environment for the young generation of our Republic in the sphere of education and spiritual education, allows you to learn new technologies, life Sciences and many more.

The selection Committee of our institution begins its work with the twentieth of July to the twenty-fifth of August each year and takes students on Department of Kazakh, Russian and English languages in the following specialties:

• Marketing

• Design

• Translation studies

• Computer and software

• Accounting and Auditing

• Management

• Tourism

• Primary education

The College has its own youth Committee and it operates three club goals each club to implement a high level of friendship between Kazakhstan, improve skills of foreign languages each student and to develop in them as a beautiful speech. Also there is a language center with courses in eight different languages, and classes are held three times a week in pairs for one hour and forty minutes.

The College library contains an extensive book collection, an electronic library with multimedia media type DVD and CD-R, results of books for study and reading is made on special subscriptions, but if any language, then compiled a list and sent to the Director for order. By equipping libraries by sponsors: the Embassy of Turkey in Kazakhstani different firms.

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