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Almaty College of decorative and applied arts. Tansykbayev o

Almaty, Abai Ave., 56a 8 (708) 586 9577
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Currently the Director of the Almaty College of decorative and applied art is Shalabaev S. I., and in the teaching staff successfully employ graduates of art universities of Moscow and St. Petersburg and teach information to students in accordance with the requirements of the modern world.

College life began in 1938, with the signing of CEB No. 870 of opening a new educational center for the arts, which later produced many famous artists of our country, such as Eljanov, Kenbai, Mr. marking and many others.

In our College you can become an interior designer, artist, painter, sculptor, actor, clothing designer and learn how to efficiently handle ceramics.

For proper learning we have equipped a special audience, which the easels of modern computers, interactive whiteboards, audio and video equipment allows you to use programs for design, drawing and sculpture. There are also several private rooms for marble and low-cost material when cutting sculptures and passing practical exams, ceramics processed in a special workshop, with a real mountain and a foot vertel'.

Recreational part as in any other College is determined by the students they personally organize groups of the WHC, under the guidance of experienced choreographers formed dance clubs and ensembles, held fashion shows and the development of models of future buildings (interior) and many more.

In the library you will find the most relevant literature in the field of art, the works of outstanding artists and most wonderful works of our best students for all time of existence of the College can be found in our Museum, which operates in Budni days.

Want to learn more about our College? Call us and come at the address: Almaty city, Abai St. 56 A.

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