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  • College of Aviation at the civil aviation Academy in Almaty

College of Aviation at the civil aviation Academy in Almaty

Waiting for new cadets at St. Almaty Akhmetov, 44.
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College of aviation at the Civil Aviation Academy is unique in the whole country educational center which prepares qualified specialists-technicians and engineers in-flight service, with the consequent possibility of teaching at the University and obtaining the title of Bachelor of the selected case.

Our Academy is offices are equipped with the latest technology, having multitudine devices and visual AIDS. It is a 'fleet' of flying vehicles and a large friendly team, and of course, it's the knowledge that you will not get in any other educational institution of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

College is after 9 or 11 classes for a fee. The training lasts four years and you get the specialty 'Organization of transportation and management of traffic', 'traffic Management air transport' or 'maintenance of transport radio-electronic equipment'.

Air traffic control is neposredstvennoe participation in the process of a flight vehicle from point a to point B, the cadets have mastered all of the learning material and successfully passed the examination receive the title of 'Pilot-engineer'.

If you select any of the specialties you will learn to control the aerial vehicle, to carry out inspection and repair of transport. The College has its own hangars with aircraft of various brands, such as Tecnam-P, Tecnam 2002 and many many others.

Based on these planes, you will learn to understand the engines, you will visit the cockpit, can fly a plane in a special simulation and practice will be held in a real aircraft with an experienced pilot.

For admission to the College you will need documents confirming the completion of nine or eleven classes, eight photos 3x4, medical certificate number 086у.


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