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Geological prospecting College, Semey

Phone: 8 (7222) 31 36 88Address: 11 Karmenova str., Semey 071411
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Exploration College in Semey on the educational portal of Kazakhstan

Exploration College in Semey on the educational portal of Kazakhstan

Geological prospecting College, Semey city will prepare all the necessary and qualified professionals for the current job market. The aim of our school is the employment of graduates with a degree obtained during training.

The College is located in the left-Bank part of the city and has a total area of 4 hectares. The campus has two buildings, a garage and a warehouse. Accommodation for students we have two dormitories. Two buildings connected by an internal transition. The first building consists of four floors and has a conference hall for more than seven hundred seats, a library with sixty tyschami books, the Museum dedicated to the history of the College and various training and teaching rooms. The second academic building has three floors. There are a sports hall with showers and changing rooms, a gym with modern tools for sports, workshops and classrooms and special laboratories for individual items.

Hostels enable us to have students from different regions of our country. They have everything for leisure and study. Each room has four beds, a table, wardrobes and a comfortable sofa. On each floor there are washing machines, toilets, refrigerators and Ironing tools. Also in the hostel there is a sports complex, which includes such clubs as: Chess, gym, tennis, martial arts, choreography. Naturally, the hostel has its medical station, a canteen and a shop.

We have a special area where students can practice and make geological excavations under the guidance of experienced teachers. On the ground creates its own atmosphere — the students are trying to cooperate with each other, and excavations cause them to have a genuine interest. Basic Military Training was also held at this ground, because it has created all necessary conditions for military action.

Visit us and learn even more! The city of Semey, street Karmanova 11 V.

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