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  • State medical College. D. Kalmataev in Families
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State medical College. D. Kalmataev in Families

Semey, Internatsionalnaya St., 38 +7 (7222) 36-14-79
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State College name of Duisenbi Kalmataeva was founded in 1928. During its 90 years of existence the school has produced more than 12 thousand of qualified personnel. The purpose of our College is rendering services in the field of education in the health professions, particularly Nursing. The school works on the basis of a perpetual license and training in the specialties 'Medical business', 'Nursing', 'Dentistry', 'Laboratory diagnostics', 'pharmacy', 'Stomatology'.

The College has a large library with an area of 140 square meters, number of seats — 30. In 2016 the library had 15 laptops with access to the Internet, the book Fund is about one hundred and ten thousand books. The entire College has 120 computers and laptops, of which 70 have access to the Internet.

Clinical training and practice occurs in the simulation center and 'virtual space' of the clinic. The rooms are equipped with a variety of models and modern advanced simulations.

We have our own development center nursing. It exists to improve the skills and improve professional skills in this specialty. After retraining staff employed in public and private institutions, medical institutions and international organizations.

In order to improve the competence and qualifications of the teaching staff, we have implemented the evaluation system of teachers to determine the need for retraining or enhancing the knowledge they have.

For admission to the school must pass random creative examinations on General grounds, when entering after eleventh grade, a certificate of UNT is not required.

Waiting for you and your documents are highly skilled in our school and hope that the training in our College will bring you essential knowledge and will help later in life.

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