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Kazakh Russian medical College in Almaty

Address: 75 Karasay Batyr street, Almaty 050000Phone: 8 (727) 312 2388
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Kazakh Russian medical College in Almaty - Colleges

Kazakh Russian medical College in Almaty - Colleges

Leave your application for College now so that you can enter in September without any problems with the waiting list.

We have four faculties: "Medicine", "Nursing", "Dental technician", "pharmacy". Students can get specializations as an endocrinologist, therapist, neurologist, ENT practitioner, psychologist, epidemiologist, and many others. The cost of training in our College on the basis of 9 classes is 240,000 tenge per year, in the specialty of medical, nursing and dental technician. After 11 classes, 250,000 tenge per year in the specialties of dental technician, pharmacy,medical and nursing.

The form of study at the College is full-time only, in two languages: Kazakh and Russian. Our goal is to train competitive young people who are in demand in the modern labor market of healthcare professionals. To achieve this goal, we have a highly qualified teaching staff, affordable prices for education, online payment and flexible installment payment, as well as discounts of 50% for excellent students when they receive a diploma at the end of nine or eleven classes.

Our educational institution successfully passed certification in 2007 and 2012, showing its capabilities and obtaining the right to issue state-issued diplomas. Modern material and technical base allows students to comprehend knowledge both in practice and in theory. To participate in Amateur performances and work in clinics in the city during teaching practice.

One of the leading medical educational institutions in the country is the Kazakh-Russian medical College in Almaty, which was opened in 2005 at the Kazmed Institute. Over the 12 years of the colleges ' existence, 700 specialists were graduated, with almost one hundred percent employment. This shows the demand for personnel with medical education in the labor market.

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