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Republican College of sports

Timiryazev street-41; Bostandyk district, Almaty city+7 (727) 376‒27‒22
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The Republican College of sports is a specialized educational institution that trains highly qualified athletes. This is a great opportunity to realize the career of an Olympic champion. We train daily to reach new heights. You can choose all sports: wrestling, basketball, volleyball, biathlon, Cycling, Boxing, football, hockey, weightlifting, trialon, Taekwondo, karate, judo, equestrian sports, Curling and much more. we have all the equipment and space for training. The teaching staff, which includes famous Champions of our country, will teach you all the necessary skills to achieve your goals.

We believe that sport should be promoted in our country, because movement is life. The opportunity to play your favorite sports is the main advantage of our educational institution. Sports skills and intellectual abilities of students are acquired in a few months, and remain forever. All our students, at the end of the course, become resilient to any difficulties. We carry out different methods of educational process, which allows us to affect all areas of sports activity. Many sports fans, after a long preparation, puts classes in the first place and connects it with their lives. After certain achievements, the athlete increases his professional career. At the end of the Olympic games, the participant is awarded a sports title that has the status. After completing our College, we grant a certain degree.

We considered the process of training and improvement in orienteering, which will help improve the results of our students. Orienteering has shown its importance as an effective tool for achieving goals in the development of our country. We support the contribution of sport to development, as it contributes to the realization of the principles of respect and tolerance, and new opportunities for our youth. Sport develops not only therapeutic effects on the body, but also increases the popularity of an active lifestyle. Sports achievements also have a positive impact on the country's economic situation. The whole world is interested in sports, which helps to establish partnerships. Events in the world of sports bring people together and give them the opportunity to create their own teams.

By playing sports, students learn the values of physical fitness: perseverance, team spirit, fair play, respect for the opponent and respect for the rules. All these skills will be useful throughout your professional career. The desire to overcome difficulties and move up the career ladder are the fundamental principles of orienteering. We do a lot of sports competitions between the groups. Our graduates reach the top and continue professional training of new athletes.

Become a part of a big sports family, reach unprecedented heights in your favorite sport!

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