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Bilimway intellectual development center

Istvan Konyr street-31; Medeu district, Almaty city+7‒700‒978‒98‒58 +7 (727) 978‒98‒58
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Bilimway intellectual development center

Bilimway intellectual development center

Bilimway intellectual development center - we are engaged in full-fledged child development. You will be able to learn foreign languages, join sports clubs, and give your child a better development. We will teach your child all-round development, how to organize their free time, and perform homework. For the youngest, we give them General skills and knowledge, and introduce them to the world around them. All our classes are conducted in a playful way, where efficiency increases every day. We teach only the most necessary things, and thanks to the acquired skills, children will be able to develop their own mental and physical abilities. Our center uses its own methods and training programs that have been certified and approved by the Ministry of education. Our program is always relevant and effective, because every day we monitor changes in the market, and find a new way to provide information. We teach children of all ages, and we pay special attention to each of them. Individual approach, our advantage that allows you to use the educational program in all directions. Your child will be able to develop independently, and most importantly, learn a large amount of information in a timely manner. Our teaching staff is always happy to welcome new students who want to be successful in learning, but do not know how to achieve this or do not have a certain experience. Don't worry, our teachers will be able to give you all the necessary knowledge, provide a good basic Foundation and guide you on the right path of study. We also provide an opportunity to learn a new language: English and Turkish. You will be able to master it perfectly in a short time, and develop your mental abilities in other directions. The earlier you start learning other languages, the more you can absorb and apply in the future. Early development in children is the most important time in a child's life. This is the period when the child conducts maximum brain activity in order to learn about the world around them. And if you give him a stable knowledge base, he can achieve great success in future training. We will monitor its progress and improve its results. We conduct a monthly review, where the acquired knowledge is checked and possible problems in knowledge are identified. This is exactly why we use test papers to avoid similar situations during the next level of training. For active children, we have created sports clubs, where complex warm-UPS and events are also held. We conduct each lesson in a variety of ways to make the learning process fun and interesting. You will be proud of your child, because he will be ready for all the upcoming difficulties and will pass them successfully! Develop all the necessary skills with us, and move up the educational ladder.

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