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  • School-Lyceum №23 in Aktobe

School-Lyceum №23 in Aktobe

13 Satpayev street
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School-Lyceum №23 in Aktobe on the educational portal of Kazakhstan

School-Lyceum №23 in Aktobe on the educational portal of Kazakhstan

The school operates under the curriculum drawn up according to methodical letters of MES of RK "On peculiarities of teaching of foundations of Sciences in the 2012-2013 academic year"; state educational standards of primary, basic secondary, General secondary education of the Republic of Kazakhstan (GOSO RK approved by the MES RK:


City (Region) Aktyubinskaya

The Name Of The School-Lyceum №23

Year of Foundation 1987

Type Of School-Lyceum

Category State


Address 13 Satpayev street


Opening hours 8:00 - 19-00

Number of shifts 2

Full-time education

Admission criteria Exams

Director Gulnara Narimbetova

Learning bias

Language of instruction Russian / Kazakh

Level of education Secondary education

Tuition fee 0

Form of payment for Free

No Discount

There Are Mugs

There Is A Dining Room

There is a sports Hall

There is a sports Ground

There is an Assembly Hall

Bus (delivery) No

There is a computer Class

Internet Is Available

Security No

Parking No

Special offer No

Entertainment Is Available

There Are

Additional Features. Service No

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