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  • School-Lyceum №264 in Kyzylorda

School-Lyceum №264 in Kyzylorda

Syrdarya m/a
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City (Region) Kyzylorda

The Name Of The School-Lyceum №264

Year of foundation

Type Of School-Lyceum

Category State


Address of Syrdarya m/a

Phone 21-28-83 21-28-86

Opening hours 8:00 - 19-00

Number of shifts 2

Full-time education

Admission criteria Exams

Director Imaeva Kulyash Tursynovna

Learning bias

Language of instruction Russian / Kazakh

Level of education Secondary education

Tuition fee 0

Form of payment for Free

No Discount

There Are Mugs

There Is A Dining Room

There is a sports Hall

There is a sports Ground

There is an Assembly Hall

Bus (delivery) No

There Is a computer class

Internet Is Available

Security No

Parking No

Special offer No

Entertainment Is Available

There Are

Additional Features. Service No

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