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  • School School № 27 in Kostanay - на портале

School № 27 in Kostanay

The district of Jubilee, the city of Kostanaj
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School № 27 in Kostanay -

School № 27 in Kostanay -

School No. 27 in Kostanay opens its doors to everyone who wants to learn "in step with the times". The new educational institution is the largest in the city, has collected all the innovative technologies, expanded the territory and size, and meets all modern requirements. Six academic buildings allow you to use the vast territory for training, events, sports and recreation. The school has 50 classrooms, more than 100 computers, many TVs and interactive whiteboards. A large sports hall, an Assembly hall, a dining room and places for recreation make school life more diverse. It is planned to install modern equipment and a laboratory that will complement the training and the opportunity to study robotics. Children will be able to study in the state and Russian languages. For children with disabilities, all amenities and safety are provided during classes and recess. The school educates more than 850 children from grades 1-11. Classes for preparing for school, clubs and sections will be opened. Highly qualified teachers, teachers and employees will provide high-quality and full-fledged education to all children, diversify the learning process and introduce new technologies of the future. Start training right now, we will be very happy. We can teach you, give you the experience and knowledge you need. Make your child's education unforgettable, useful and informative. You can get all the detailed information by calling the official phone number. Come and enroll in the best school of the future!

Our school is very happy that after the opening there was a huge demand for training. Thanks to our equipment, territory and teachers, school knowledge will become more accessible. The new curriculum, manuals and materials will introduce children to all the necessary skills and knowledge that will be useful in the future. Active preparations are underway for events, sports competitions and creative circles. Your child will be able to learn the truth of education, learn all the subjects and get the necessary experience. Thanks to the long-term plan, we will actively develop the school infrastructure, territory and training program. School is an important part of a child's life. You need to think about training right now, because then it will be too late. The earlier you start going through the school curriculum, the faster you will be able to develop and improve. We carefully monitor the quality and academic performance of each student, pay a lot of attention and time to preparation and classes. This is the first school in the city that can boast of its size, technical equipment, and the number of seats and classrooms.

School # 27 invites you to an open day. Come to us and see the innovative approach to education. We are happy to train everyone, help and monitor their upbringing. Higher education institution, ready for the new school year!

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