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  • 5B021100 - Theology

5B021100 - Theology

Specialty 5В021100 - Theology. Profile subject at UNT - world history
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a Specialty - 5B021100 - Theology

a Specialty - 5B021100 - Theology

5B021100 - Theology. Theologians study the history of the origin of faith and religion. Theology is called not religious theology.

To work the theologians can, in research centres, in the educational sphere and to engage in Advisory services. Also, bachelors can work at religious institutions such as Church, mosque, temples of Buddha.

In religious institutions the theologian holds educational classes for children and youth, prepares buildings for religious holidays such as Christmas, Eid al-Adha, Easter, Eid al. Additionally, a qualified theologian may cooperate with the state itself — to involve parishioners in a religious institution, to develop new projects for the construction of rehabilitation centres, orphanages and more.

In the process, the specialist must study a lot of literature to convey information to parishioners, with the same literature will be learned many new languages such as Greek, Latin, the Church language, some need Arabic.

Theologians can be regarded as teachers. Usually, they teach philosophy, theology or history of religion. Conduct educational work with children in kindergartens. You can work in media and to control the religious and theological material, and you can become an expert on security and to identify sects and cults.

One of the important tasks of the theologian is translation. Very often theologians accompany pilgrims to the Holy places and transform them/them talking in Arabic, Greek, Latin and other languages

For admission to the specialty 'Theology' must pass core subjects such as History of Kazakhstan and world history, and score at least 13 points in the subjects.

Maximum wages will be only 92.000 tenge, but you will always be guaranteed a job.

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