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  • 5B070200 – automation control.

5B070200 – automation control.

Specialty 5B070200 – automation control. Profile subject at UNT in Physics and Mathematics
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A specialty 5B070200 – automation control.

A specialty 5B070200 – automation control.

5B070200control automation. Specialty after which awarded the degree of bachelor of automation of management with qualification of engineer, a graduate can work as an engineer of the first category, ensuring the process of work of the engine room and process control systems, including research methods and modeling and operation of human-machine systems

Work bachelor of this specialty may be in industrial plants, the utilities have to be kind, to execute installation and start-cushioning work, become an engineer of transport and communications, leading engineer, network administrator, engineer logistics specialist, head of Department of Automated Control Systems for Food and head of special enterprises.

For admission to the faculty of 'automation management' need to pass physics and mathematics, that is, to take into account points at the UNT, and, in particular, the number of points for the fifth subject — physics. In Kazakhstan in this specialty can do in twenty-nine different Universities.

Graduates must know all the issues of information and software, the ways and means of addressing problems of production and operation of various businesses, to be able to correctly use technical diagnostic and production processes in their favor.

For admission to this specialty annually allocated grants 320 — 180 to 140 for Kazakh and Russian.

Wages engineers starts from 86.000 238.000 to tenge, depending on qualifications and experience. Being an engineer, you can very easily find additional earnings in private firms or open their own business in terms of technical, professional repair technicians.

A sample list of items that you will need to learn in higher education: Informatics, programming, higher mathematics, physics, English 2, applied information theory, Metrology and measurements, history of Kazakhstan, English language, Kazakh language, and more.

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