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  • 5B011000 - Physics

5B011000 - Physics

Specialty 5B011000 - Physics. Profile subject at UNT - Physics
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a Specialty 5B011000 - Physics

a Specialty 5B011000 - Physics

The Physics teacher is a person who teaches people to understand the world, brings to life students something new and helps to understand the inexplicable.

To become a Physics teacher must know not only his subject but also the psychology of children, because all children are unique and to measure everyone by one is impossible in any case.

To go to University for Physics teachers, it is necessary to pass the Unified National Testing profilemy subjects: physics and mathematics. Modern UNT is simplified by the fact that it is now 140 questions in all subjects, and a passing score to gain simply.

Working day the physics teacher is not normalized — you have to work as much as you need, and sometimes overtime. Despite the fact that you will need to grade papers, prepare curriculum and, sometimes, to pursue remedial education students.

The teacher, who just started their working lives, provided a separate office, laboratory.

Any teacher required to love their students as much as teaching subject. To study at University you will be about the following courses: mechanics, electricity, linear algebra, mathematical lectern, probability theory, mathematical statistics, child psychology, history of Kazakhstan, Philosophy, foreign language, political science and more.

The University will make you a qualified physics, able to focus on quality teaching and learning how learning will increase your personal importance, and will allow you to fulfill your potential in life.

The minimum wage of bachelors on a specialty 'Physics' equals to 53.000 tenge, when the maximum (engineer-physicist) 254.000 tenge.

Relying on his experience and knowledge, you can achieve a high level of wages and do not need anything.

Teaching in Higher education on a specialty 'Physics', you will be able to work not only a teacher but also a scientist in the research and development centers, engaged in socio-pedagogical activity, as well as an engineer-physicist.

The most interesting work in this specialty is an engineer-physicist, he is engaged in the development of practice knowledge in physics, developments of various devices and studies in nuclear physics.

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