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  • 5В020200 — International relations

5В020200 — International relations

5В020200 specialty — International relations. Profile subject at UNT Foreign language
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Specialty - 5В020200 — International relations

Specialty - 5В020200 — International relations

5В020200 International relations. Bachelors of this specialty can obtain the qualification of a lawyer-an expert or consultant in the field of international relations, as well as a lawyer and specialist of local authorities.

To work bachelors of this specialty can in law enforcement, human rights, Advisory, expert, information and analytical groups and in educational activities.

For admission to the faculty 'Mejdunarodnaya' we need to take a Foreign language, that is, to take into account points at the UNT, and, in particular, the number of points for the profile subject. In Kazakhstan in this specialty can be done in thirteen different Universities. It is important to know not only the profile subject, but subjects such as History, Chemistry and Physics. These items will help you in the development of the specialty.

New bachelor needs to know the public law, foreign languages, legal and civil code, all possible laws to represent clients in court as counsel, as well as for work in the field of consultation under international law.

For admission to this specialty annually allocated 30 grants 20 10 Kazakh and Russian offices.

Wages of specialists in international relations starts from 100,000 to 240.000 tenge, depending on qualifications and experience. Being a specialist of this profile, it is very easy to find extra income by teaching lessons a student the right to attend to business of the defendants and so much more.

A sample list of items that you will need to learn in higher education: European law, private international law, arbitration, consular, human rights and many other items associated with law.

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