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  • 5B021000 — Foreign Philology

5B021000 — Foreign Philology

Specialty Foreign Philology. Profile subject at UNT Foreign language
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a Specialty 5B021000 — Foreign Philology

a Specialty 5B021000 — Foreign Philology

5В021000 — Foreign Philology. For entry to the profession, the graduate school must have the diploma about the termination of 11 classes or a diploma of secondary special education. The graduate of this specialty is awarded the title of Bachelor of Foreign Philology.

Work bachelor of this specialty may be a foreign language teacher in post-secondary educational institutions to perform the duties of translator in the editorial offices of Newspapers and magazines, on radio and TV, publishers and other interested institutions.

For admission to the Department of 'Foreign Philology' need to take a Foreign language, that is, to take into account points at the UNT, and, in particular, the number of points for the profile subject. In Kazakhstan in this specialty, you can enroll in the sixteen universities. It is important to know not only the profile subject, but subjects such as English language, the Kazakh language and Literature. These items will help you in the development of the specialty.

New student requires a lot of effort, because from the beginning of the study will undergo regular lessons in English, will have to strain your ligaments building accent, constantly do your homework quite hard, if you want to you turned out top notch.

For admission to this specialty stands out 72 annual grant, 45 of which 27 for the Kazakh and Russian offices.

Wages instrumental performers starts from 78.000 to 265.000 tenge, depending on qualifications and experience. As a specialist in foreign languages, it is very easy to find extra income by providing services to private translation and teaching English.

A sample list of items that you will need to learn in higher education: political science, foreign language, basic English, Kazakh language, the basics of the language, professionally-oriented language and more.

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