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5В041400 Graphics

Specialty Graphics.Profile subject on the UNT Creative examination.
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Specialty - 5В041400 Graphics

Specialty - 5В041400 Graphics

5В041400 Graphics. For admission to Higher Educational Institution give up some creative tasks, selected by the Board of the University, it is also necessary to pass exams such as: mathematics, Russian language, history of Kazakhstan, science and sometimes foreign language.

Bachelors their field can work as an editor at Newspapers or publishing houses, become a project leader or administrator in the publishing house, they will find new co-authors, to draw and to make billboards and more.

As a rule, people who just graduated are looking for work by the editor or the designer and hope to get about 100 000 tenge, sometimes even the new guy turns out to occupy a favorable position of head of publications and to 250,000 tenge per month. For those who want career growth — advised to stay at one job for as long as possible, this will allow you to achieve a better position in the designer case.

Study design the case will have five years to study subjects such as literature, history, social studies, civics, foreign language, computer science, political science, ethics, sketching, drawing, painting, and more.

            Wage is for a brand new 89,000 specialists, and can reach 580,000 tenge for professionals.

Editing appeared in ancient Russia, when a religious census to determine the material manuscripts or choosing what and how should be displayed in a new, rewritten. To become an editor at any publishing house, you must have a working experience of more than 2 years of higher education with a degree and excellent knowledge of computer.

To work as a designer is very responsible job, you must divide the WSS work on component parts, charging certain materials responsible people who will do their job. Then the finished material must be inspected personally by the chief designer, described the shortcomings, and then the material is issued to the customer.

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