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5V060200 - Informatics

5B060200 - Informatics. Profile subject for the UNT - Physics
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a Specialty 5B060200 - Informatics

a Specialty 5B060200 - Informatics

5B060200 - Informatics. Computer science is a constantly evolving science, thanks to which man meets technology and opens up new frontiers of science. Helps a teacher to teach any person to handle the equipment, it is necessary to know not only how to handle it, but to own psychology.

To enter the specialty of computer science needs to be taught from a young age, physics and mathematics. Why not computer science, you ask? All because computer course is too simple to be on it any questions. For admission to the specialty 'computer science' I chose physics and mathematics.

Workdays Informatics can take place in schools and in Universities, as in an Internet cafe, and all offices. Science can work as a teacher, sistemotekhnika, system administrator, programmer, web programmer, 1C specialist. Of course without proper knowledge can not do, and to learn to computer science will not be enough. Everyone who wants to achieve something in this field needs to put a lot of effort performing a first small jobs, then larger orders mapping the Internet network, continuous monitoring system any firm, servicing reinstallation of Windows, Linux and more.

Computer science salary starts from 56.000 tenge and ends 156.000 tenge. As Informatica you can very easily find a side income to 300,000 tenge per month in medium and large cities of Kazakhstan. In our time, the man received the bachelor of computer science rarely gets to work in the school, most people go to work in the field of web programming and earn for the creation of one website from 40,000 tenge and above.

A sample list of items that you will need to learn in higher education: e-business, aviation device, equipment and operation of aerial vehicles, child psychology, psychology, political science, history of Kazakhstan, English language, Kazakh language, and more.

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