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  • 5В071200 — engineering

5В071200 — engineering

Specialty 5В071200 — Engineering. Profile subject at UNT in Physics and Mathematics
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Specialty - 5В071200 — engineering

Specialty - 5В071200 — engineering

5В071200 — Engineering. It is a complex of branches of production of vehicles. There are several main directions in machine building, the automotive industry, aircraft industry, space engineering, shipbuilding and development of mining and processing equipment.

To work bachelors in mechanical engineering can the local authorities, factories and enterprises, organizations of state and non-state, rural and municipal economy, the military-industrial complexes in the different spheres of production.

For admission to the faculty of 'engineering' you need to pass Physics and Mathematics, that is, to take into account points at the UNT, and, in particular, the number of points for the profile subject. In Kazakhstan in this specialty, you can enroll in eighteen different Universities. It is important to know not only the profile subject, but subjects such as History, Chemistry and Geometry. These items will help you in the development of the specialty.

New student requires a lot of effort, because from the beginning student will do the lab work, and various practices in the educational HUNDRED, excursions to factories that produce cars and more.

For admission to this specialty annually allocated grants 660 — 429 231 for the Kazakh and Russian offices.

Wages engineers starts from 150.000 245.000 to tenge, depending on qualifications and experience. Being an engineer with a Builder is very easy to find extra income teaching classes of biology students, to thesis and much more.

A sample list of items that you will need to learn in higher education: engineering graphics, engineering mechanics, technology of construction materials, electronics, electrotechnics, mechanics, strength of materials, design principles and many different standard items.

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