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  • 5В090900 — logistics

5В090900 — logistics

Specialty 5В090900 — Logistics. Profile subject at UNT, Geography, Mathematics&l
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5В090900 — Logistics. Logistics is the science aimed at organization of joint activity of managers of various departments. Logist is a specialist under whose leadership is optimization of processes of supply, transport, production, warehousing, as well as the prospect to spend a minimum budget.

To work the graduate of this specialty can Manager, a logistician, an administrator, a logical companies, warehouse supervisors, Manager, customer development, procurement and supply, managers of procurement departments and consultants on the effectiveness of the company.

For admission to the faculty, 'logistics' need to take geography and maths, that is, to take into account points at the UNT, and, in particular, the number of points for the profile subject — math. In Kazakhstan in this specialty, you can enroll in the eleven different Universities.

The graduate should know the fundamentals of logistics and warehousing, to be able to think rationally, to draw the line between processes of sales and costs, to be able to conduct research.

For admission to this specialty annually allocated 35 grants — 23 for 12 Kazakh and Russian.

The wages of logistics starts from 80,000 to 245.000 tenge, depending on qualifications and experience. Being a logistician is very easy to find extra income, organizing Fund accounting in private firms.

A sample list of items that you will need to learn in higher education: system analysis, General course of transport, logistics management, logistics, warehouse logistics, production logistics, merchandising, inventory management, and design.

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