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  • 6М120200 - Veterinary sanitation

6М120200 - Veterinary sanitation

6М120200 - Veterinary sanitation. Profile subject at UNT Geography
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Specialty - 6М120200 - Veterinary sanitation

Specialty - 6М120200 - Veterinary sanitation

Applying to the bachelor of this specialty, you will become the specialist of veterinary medicine.

Sanitation — this event brings safety health and treatment of various diseases, in this case animals. As Veterinary sanitation provides for the protection of people against various pathogens produced by insect and animal bites.

The main subjects for admission are biology and geography, so teaching in school, should be given sufficient attention if you want to enter this profession. You can be taught in such cities as Semipalatinsk, Kostanai, Aktobe, Almaty

Qualified modern veterinary medicine treats animals of different species — from mice to lions, tigers and elephants. Veterinary medicine work in hospitals, farms, horse-breeding enterprises, poultry farms, farms for rearing fish, in nurseries, in the departments of quality control at various plants.

If you choose the path of a doctor who will work in the hospital, you will need to choose a narrow specialty from the outset, therefore, it is advised to make every possible effort to learning in the future, you could really treat animals.

Association of veterinary medicine says that getting a diploma is not a reason to consider myself a decent doctor. Every doctor needs to prove that he received it not in vain, showing in practice what it's worth.

Salary ranges from 45 000 to 300 000 tenge, depending on the level of knowledge and skill of the doctor..

The main thing in this profession that a person loved animals and tried to save or cure each of them.

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