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Geography and history

The specialty of Geography and history.Profile subject on the UNT Creative examination.
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For entry to the profession, the graduate school must have the diploma about the termination of 11 classes or a diploma of secondary special education. The graduate of this specialty is awarded the title of Bachelor of Geography and history.

            The job of every teacher to convey knowledge to the student. The teacher of history is not different from other in this regard. Students need to bring the story starting with the Neolithic and ending with modern history. The lessons of history can be carried out very interesting, because to convey information about the antiquity not only boring stories, but stories in pictures, video materials and class trips to historical sites. All this can achieve is a good teacher, is able to discuss with the Director its plan of work and travel that you, as a teacher, I would like to do this year.

Admission to the faculty of History and geography requires a minimum of seven points at the Unified National Testing in world history and the History of Kazakhstan. And to answer all the questions, it is important to teach a school course from the beginning. Anyone interested in entering the Department of History is important to know all the nuances and fine to pass the UNT not only for entry but also for self-satisfaction.

The historian's work consists of reports and recognition of historical facts, resolve disputed points, and search for evidence. Teachers have at hand all you need is a computer with Internet access, world map, the office is equipped for the storage of any historical finds and an interactive whiteboard. However, for those who do not like to teach someone, you have the opportunity to work as a journalist, a sociologist, a historian-archivist, the source studies.

New student requires a lot of effort, because from the beginning student will do the lab work, studying maps, fields, terrain and landscaping.

For admission to this specialty annually allocates 45 grants — 29 for Kazakh and 16 Russian offices.

Geografi salary starts from 70.000 105.000 to tenge, depending on qualifications and experience. Being orientalist, you can easily make teaching geography, making maps and 'predicting' weather.

A sample list of items that you will need to learn in higher education: geography, physics, landscape design, chemistry, foreign language, literature, history, and more.

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