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Mathematics and physics

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a Speciality - Mathematics and physics

a Speciality - Mathematics and physics

Long gone are the days when mathematics was limited to simple single-equation and finding the unknown. Contemporary mathematics teacher you need to develop a mathematical mind, that is to have a constant desire to calculate something and decide. Math just need to be able to find a common language with students, especially those who had just started school.

In order to enroll at the University this, of course, complex specialty need to score at least 17 points on the subjects of Mathematics and Physics on a Single National Test. The UNT system is constantly improving and going in the direction of simplification. However, at the request of the Minister of Education, soon to pass UNT, you will need it to attend school from the first class.

Workday of a teacher is full of emotional outbursts, nerves and constant calculations. Nerves are spent only the first time, because you quickly get used to the students.

Explanation of new material and solving problems together with children — this is the kind of job where you will deal on a daily basis. The mathematics teacher should be for students a model of logic and gramotnosti, otherwise the students simply will not do anything and listen.

In addition to the basic work in schools and Universities(if applicable graduate), you will be able to work in the field of system programming, administration, networking, being a Junior staff at the research center and conduct private lessons in mathematics.

Wages in Kazakhstan is set from 58,000 to those who have just graduated from University, but the maximum in the amount of 210.000 tenge can be obtained after three to five years of experience in the specialty 'Mathematics'

As a variant of earnings, in the case of determining the degree as 'not mine' or 'tired', you can open your centre of mental arithmetic or writing a thesis at special sites. You can also get an accountant or a financier to work in a Bank or on the stock exchange.

Degree in Mathematics nowadays is quite in demand and literally everywhere need people who can teach it not easy business. So, if you decided to go this route — be prepared and learn the material thoroughly now — so tasty to eat tomorrow.

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