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SAMGA Pro Unity art Studio

Kuldzhinsky tract-2; Halyk Arena; Medeu district, Almaty city+7‒701‒958‒41‒84 +7‒707‒705‒70‒48
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SAMGA Pro Unity art Studio

SAMGA Pro Unity art Studio

SAMGA Pro Unity art Studio is a full-fledged creative development for children and teenagers. We provide an opportunity to learn and develop your skills in creative and sports areas. We have a lot of clubs clubs where you will be able to fully engage in creativity and development. All our offices and halls are fully equipped and ready to use. To track the results and overall safety in the classroom, there are several adults in groups. Our groups consist of six people, and each has its own schedule and conduct of classes. Recruitment to the group is based on age and skills. We teach children of all ages we are engaged in all types of creativity and sports: vocal courses, ballet, waltz, aerial gymnastics, Zumba, Hip hop, stretching, karate and Taekwondo. Also, for General development, we conduct English language courses. You will get all the necessary skills and abilities to fully master the base, and in the future independently advance in training. Our teachers are only the best and most famous creative and sports figures who deservedly have many awards and titles. They will be happy to pass on their experience and teach you not to stray from the path of your goal. Perseverance and perseverance - that's what everyone should have. This is the key to success and results in any business and age. If you have the necessary characteristics and base, we can offer intensive training, or individual classes for practicing and warming up. We teach not only physical skills, but also mental abilities. You can develop your horizons, learn a new language, train your memory and speech-all this you can get from us. We work with all age categories, and each person is given an individual approach to training. This is the best way to focus and make the educational program easier to learn. We can find your creative abilities that you can develop. Doing what you love is a great way to spend time productively, and always get new development in this direction. We organize events and competitions so that everyone can prove themselves. Come to a trial session and demonstrate your abilities - your talent will be appreciated. Our program allows you to use an individual approach and create your own schedules and training levels for each student. You decide how to conduct classes and training, and how long it will take. We also have a flexible pricing policy, and you can choose the price according to your wishes. You will be proud of your child as he reaches more and more stages of development, and receive awards for their achievements. Our Studio is the beginning of your child's creative potential and the opportunity to achieve their goals.

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