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  • Academy of Civil Aviation (AGA) in Almaty

Academy of Civil Aviation (AGA) in Almaty

Almaty, Zakarpatskaya str., 44, Admission Committee: tel (727)3839075
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Academy of Civil Aviation (AGA) in Almaty

Academy of Civil Aviation (AGA) in Almaty

The civil aviation Academy was established in Almaty in 1937 as a unit of the Kazakh flight training Department. In 1962, the training and consulting center of the Kiev Institute of civil aviation engineers was established on the basis of the Kuga. In 1995, the educational institution acquired the status of a higher educational institution and already exists as a non-profit "organization of transportation and traffic management on railway transport ""Academy of civil aviation". State license issued by the Committee for control in the field of education of the Ministry of education and science of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated 03.02.10. No. 01377394 AB series on legal studies of educational activities in the specialties of higher and postgraduate education without term limits

Currently, the Academy is headed by the Chairman of the Board – rector bayzhumanov Mukhtar Kazbekovich.

Educational activities at the Academy are carried out on a full-time basis, by correspondence on reduced educational programs and with the use of remote educational technology. The training is conducted in the state and Russian languages. Multilingual groups have been set up with courses taught in English as well.

The Academy has a training and laboratory building and a dormitory, compactly located on a fenced area of about 30,000 square meters.

The Academy has new training simulators "Tecnam" for visual flights, a universal simulator FNPT-II for training instrumental flights, simulators of Airbas-320, Boeing-737 aircraft, for training the MSS course (multi-member crew interaction).

The Academy's technical center for servicing 10 Tecnam P2002 and Tecnam P92JS training aircraft has opened at Boraldai airfield.

We are located at 44 Zakarpatskaya str., Almaty (airport district)

Our phone number: +7 (727) 346-92-06,+7 (727) 346-92-08.

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