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AKC: Almaty College of assessment and construction

Address: 61 Beregovoy street, AlmatyPhone: 8 (707) 604 4307
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AKOS in Almaty

AKOS in Almaty

The school was organized in 1996 and was licensed as the Evaluation Institute, since 1997 began an educational program of training of young specialists in the field of assessment and examination, registration of property. In 2003, the evaluation Institute was renamed the University of technology of construction, but as in 2007, the University moved to the city of Astana, in the place it was founded Almaty College assessment and construction. At the moment, the College has successfully partnered with colleges abroad in the field of training and exchange of students.

In our College training is available as full-time and correspondence in Russian and Kazakh languages of instruction. The training period on the basis of nine classes is 34 months, and on the basis of eleven — 22 months. Admission to our school will give you a number of advantages: first, you will receive a unique and quality education in the field of assessment and examination. Secondly, you will always be under the care of experienced teachers and can always contact them for help. Thirdly, after graduating from College, you go out confident experts!

College students are constantly involved in student life of the institution, and for that, many of them awarded prizes from Akim of Auezov district. Each red day on the calendar noted in our walls, many students try to show themselves and represent our College for urban and intercity competitions. For example, the KVN team 'Bogalousa of zhigitter' took first place in the Republic of Kazakhstan among the universities and colleges in 2007, and in recent years becoming the finalists of the national contest.

You can be trained in the following specialties: technician-appraiser, auditor, Manager, economist, land management, web designer and tech-stoical. All training is conducted in two buildings, equipped with all necessities, including a library and dining room.

Ольга 16/06/2020

Хорошая академия. Преподаватели и администрация вежливые и могут дать при желании ученика хорошие знания.

Марат Иргибаев 24/04/2020

Уч бы нет питания нет компьютеры 2000х долгов ломаются каждый день не советую

Кирилл 03/04/2020

Этот вуз заканчивала моя сестра ей все нравилось но по программированию пришлось мне помогать хотя на тот момент сам был школьником

Максим О. 19/03/2020

Место уч бы

Сонная Тян 15/03/2020

Студенты от туда бесят

Ал нка Шарый 13/03/2020

Подруга училась там на бухгалтера

Erasyl K. 01/03/2020

Я там учусь

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