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Almaty state College of energy and electronic technologies

Almaty, Zhandosov street, 65 8 (702) 462 9574
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Almaty state College of energy and electronic technologies - Colleges

Almaty state College of energy and electronic technologies - Colleges

GKKP 'Almaty state College of energy and electronic technologies' is a public institution belonging to the city of Almaty. The College was founded in 1964, and in 1993 was merged with the College of engineering in the city of Almaty and became known as it is called now.

For fifty three years, our school is its education services and produced more than 25,000 mid-career professionals. Today, this school provides almost two thousand training places.

The training included theoretical and practical part. The practical part is provided by laboratories in three school buildings, connected by warm transitions merbaby.

Our students are the winners of the city Olympic games, Olympics of Amateur competitions and KVN. Great support in the victory have national collective and the poets of the city of Almaty, vocal clubs, sports clubs, KVN team 'Srcn', which is known throughout the country.

Training takes place in eight professions and depending on the chosen speciality, you get qualification of technician-electrician, technician, radio mechanic, technician, technology energy, Manager and economist accountant. Time education on the basis of nine classes 3 years and 10 months, on the basis of eleven 2 years and 10 months.

Also at the College there is a Resource centre, it offers refresher courses and cooperation in the field of vocational training and retraining in various fields.

The teaching staff of our educational establishment is 136 persons, of which 100 people in the first or the highest category and 36 without category. Over the past three years most of the teachers have been training abroad in countries such as USA, England, France, Czech Republic, Bulgaria and Singapore.

Waiting for your documents to the address: Almaty city, ulitsa Dzhandosova, 65.

Максим О. 19/03/2020

Там друг учится

Дархан Г. 25/01/2020

Отличный колледж я сам там учусь в 2 курсе

Tigress Miri 24/01/2020

Отличный колледж все зависит от нас самих.

Иван Хам 15/01/2020

Базара нет шарага

Амина Аллазова 03/12/2019

Достойное учебное заведение. Все условия для удобства обучения. Хорошие преподаватели и завучи. Студенты не жалуются, столовая большая и разнообразие в питании. Много возможностей в плане обучения, рекомендую

Шадияр И. 28/11/2019

Хорошое место но скучное

Мадина Абишева 27/09/2019

Родное место с родными людьми

максим 18/03/2019

Разделение по национальному характеру. учителя так себе но есть хорошие. Есть парковка, не надо далеко идти если захотел свалить с последних двух пар. А так не плохой, по крайней мере не хуже других колледжей.

Диас Нургалымов 20/01/2019

Отличный колледж. С хорошими преподавателями.

ИЛЬЯ ИВАНОВ 14/11/2018

Парковка есть, туалет-буфет и лавочки в ухоженном дворе также присутствуют.

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