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Almaty state College of management and technology

Almaty, Tchaikovsky street, 7 +7 (727) 233-22-72, 233-22-98<
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the Colleges of Almaty state College of management and technology

the Colleges of Almaty state College of management and technology

We are very happy to welcome you on the homepage of our College and are ready to tell you about it pretty much. We are working since 2001 and provide to the public services in the field of education and preparing qualified personnel for the fields of hospitality, advertising, restaurant and tourism business. Students can easily find jobs, as the school proved its worth in the labour market.

We can confidently say that our teachers are among the best in Kazakhstan, have great experience and a great reputation. Modern equipment the College provides tremendous support to students in solving complex problems and provides comfortable conditions for realization of creative work. The education that students receive in the Almaty College of management and service, meets all modern requirements and is a reliable key for opening the roads in the future.

Several language laboratories, equipped with audio and video equipment (headphones on every Desk, computers, interactive whiteboard), allow a short time to learn a foreign language. Computer classes — classes for computer science and programming, a beauty salon and a Barber shop — for a practical training of our future professionals. Library — will help anyone to find the information you need from thousands of available books. A Sports Hall with a capital letter, can compete with any gym in the city, has all the weight machines, treadmills, bikes, free weights and more.

We have a functioning student Committee, which independently establishes various clubs dancing, guitar, dombra, painting, cooking and singing. Student years is the most memorable time in the life of any young man, this time in the future and will be the basis for the life of the graduate. In doing to us, you are choosing the right path and gain more knowledge.

Янис Шавлинский 22/03/2020

Супер шарага

Алинур Е. 19/03/2020

Лучший колледж

Asel Baibazarova 19/01/2020

Колледж выпускает отличных специалистов!

Диана Тамазова 09/01/2020

Хороший колледж.Хорошие преподаватели.Советую всем)))

Наивный дурак R. 12/12/2019

Отличный колледж.

Danil B. 28/08/2019

для высоких людей, ростом 2метра - неудобно. Все время ходишь пригнувшись. Сделайте уже проходы выше!!

Шалфеева Надежда 03/06/2019

Обычный колледж.

Nukiro K. 19/04/2019

Колледж хороший вариант для поваров и.т.д учителя строгие и хорошие правило строго соблюдаются и не менее важное сталовая очень доступная и вкусная

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