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Almaty construction and technical College

32 Sain street; Auezovsky district, Almaty city+7 (727) 230‒18‒52 +7 (727) 268‒00‒080
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ASTC: Almaty construction and technical College

ASTC: Almaty construction and technical College

The mission of the College is to increase the efficiency of the educational institution and create a competitive market of specialists in the construction, furniture and transport segments of the country, which will raise the level of the economy and globalization around the world. We always raise questions about the training of qualified technical personnel, the development of skills and techniques to give the status of prestige. To do this, the current state and prospects of the labor market were considered. The educational institution has a huge opportunity to implement new scientific and educational methods, methodical processes and advanced technologies that are used by the whole world.

We conduct courses on professional development and preparation for the future profession, where everyone can take part in College. There are all conditions for visual demonstration of the educational process. And together with leading experts in various fields of the industry, we hold weekly conferences and trainings, because the experience of a real specialist is extremely important for understanding the specifics of the profession. We want to go beyond the usual, and update the system of public education, which changes with any change in the labor market. this will make professional education more accessible and on-demand in any part of the country. To do this, it is necessary to compare all the tasks and resources of the College, and bring to the fore ensuring competitiveness, which will make it possible to become part of the demand of the labor market and in the field of educational services. Social partnership is the only way to realize a common dream, and the satisfaction of all interested parties. This can be: collaboration between other colleges, private businesses, and partner programs.

All our students are happy with the educational process, because we have everything necessary for this. We have research rooms equipped with all advanced technologies for full-fledged work, professional simulators for visual educational process. Among students, events are held to improve student life. All the necessary professional skills can be applied on an internship at a University. We have established a connection with a large enterprise that is ready to provide jobs. All student activity is not only described on our website, but also published on news channels. This makes the College the most active in the market.

Our best students are already working in the most prestigious companies in our country. Thus, they create healthy competition in the market, which contributes to the development of the economy. We teach the most popular professions and prepare them for changes in the market. We are always ready for changes, and therefore we have a common blog where we are happy with new ideas and prospects. Join our experts who are going to the bright future of our country, because everything depends on our young generation!

Гульнар Нарынова 12/01/2021

Алматинский Строительно Технический Колледж самый лучший в городе!!

Роман Сухоруков 31/10/2020

Обычная общага

Aleksandr shek 29/09/2020

Сто хорошие и специалисты супер

Жапарбек Мухтаров 28/03/2020

Супер колледж

Дидар А. 26/10/2019

Отличный колледж

Забегаев Сергей 12/07/2019

Молодцы казахи. Учат молодых нужным рабочим профессиям

Ораз Нуржан 20/05/2019

Классный колледж

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