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Almaty College of construction and management

Almaty, Abay Avenue, 10 +7 (727) 267-19-69, 272-49-50
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the Colleges of Almaty College of construction and management

the Colleges of Almaty College of construction and management

Almaty College of construction and management is one of the oldest educational institutions in the country. Founded in 1930 and was called the Almaty Municipal Construction College in 1993, was renamed in Axim, our College had a lot of different Directors and they all contributed to the development of the College. In 2010 Axim celebrated his eightieth birthday and in honor of this holiday was established 'Alley of Graduates' and the Golden book, which brought all the honors 80 years of the functioning of the College.

This institution for 27 years the center for educational and methodical Association for the construction trades. All disciplines, like most library books transferred to electronic media. Extensive electronic library is available on any computer in our school, makes learning and doing homework very simple and convenient.

The College is among three colleges in the Republic, on introduction of credit system of education. Almost weekly in the school occur conferences, seminars and scientific-technical meeting. Our students are changing teaching places students in foreign countries such as Russia, America, Turkey, South Korea.

The College can boast of the Chinese language center dance ensemble, a modern equipped workshops, program Work&Travel and a private educational program developed by our teachers and approved by the Ministry of education of the Republic of Kazakhstan. No such thing as 'massive teacher' we do not exist, that is, teachers can not conduct, and the history and political science. All teaching staff undergoes refresher training in the prescribed program.

The specialty in which you can learn you can see in special tab on this page below. For more information please contact at: Almaty, Abay street, 10. Phone: +7 727 272 48 09

Светлана Курагина 19/11/2020

Вс за деньги. Грандников выживают. Не дают учится. Степендию отбирают. Атистаты за первый курс не отдают. Хамское отношение учителей к бедным студентам. Завышеные требования.

Nadine S 04/10/2020

Лучший колледж!!!

Dilshat Ruziev 02/05/2020

Вы точно получите знания необходимые для работы в определенной отрасли, строитель, проектировщик, дизайн и многие другие которые предоставит вам колледж АКСИМ

Жасынбек М. 28/02/2020

Хороший колледж

Надежда Г. 01/11/2019

Мой любимый колледж) хороший преподавательский состав, за два году обучения дали пусть и не все, но необходимые знания! Спасибо :*

Жансері Джорджев 03/09/2019

Классный места

Арт м С. 03/04/2018

Колледж отличный, имеется много достойных преподавателей, один из них Елена Сергеевна. Есть стремится к лучшему, в плане технической составляющего колледжа, как-никак более 80 лет стоит наш колледж. Но как я сказал, колледж отличный!:)

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