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Almaty College of technology and floristry

Адрес: Республика Казахстан, 050061, г.Алматы, пр.Сейфуллина 467В, уг. пр. РайымбекаТелефон: +7 (727) 279-85-19, 279-39-63, 279-35-13, 279-33-41.
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About the College "Almaty College of technology and floristry"

About the College "Almaty College of technology and floristry"

Welcome to the page of our College, if you visited it then search for a place of learning for yourself or for your family!

Almaty College of technology and floristry is a modern educational institution, which absorbed all the best and offering quality training to new students and undergraduates.

Study in our College is under the leadership of teachers of the highest category in the two languages of instruction: Kazakh and Russian.

Aktif annually graduate more than a hundred and fifty, and for twenty years the College had produced more than five thousand people. The College tries to rise in the list of ratings of Kazakhstan by sending teachers of our institution for training in the countries of near abroad.

The College has numerous computer classrooms, rooms for learning foreign languages, workshops for practical classes and other classrooms equipped with computers, interactive technologies and office equipment. Assembly hall, large dining room, a football field, court and sports hall — will make your leisure time any student interesting and lively. Any red days on the calendar are celebrated by all the staff and the students and teachers.

College tuition is held in five specialties 'Technical maintenance and operation of vehicle', 'clothing manufacture', 'Computer hardware and software, Construction, operation of buildings and structures', 'Crop'. Only full-time training with a period of 2 years and 10 months.

We're trying to prepare educated people, able to think globally, to become leaders in the field of the subject under study and to achieve their goal in this life. Like many other colleges, we rely on the message of President Nursultan Nazarbayev in the strategy 'Kazakhstan-2050'.

Ready to show you all the address, city Almaty, street Seifullin 467В on the corner of Raiymbek Avenue.


Оксана намазова 11/03/2020

Хорошие преподователи

Тимa 24/02/2020

Я когда-то так же о своей школе отзыв оставил, потом все учителя меня знали и стебались надо мной. Поэтому просто - 5 зв зд.

Абай Кенбаев 02/01/2020

Доброжелательные сотрудники и руководитель

Канат Ауелхан 27/10/2019

Хороший колледж, хорошие учителя и главное:отличные студенты

Sergey U. 19/09/2019

Я живу не далеко, шумят по утрам в субботу...
Линейка ))

Арсен 30/06/2019

Самая лучшая колледж

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