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Eurasian agricultural College

Almaty, street Kabanbay Batyr, 132 +7 (727) 267 05 59
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Colleges - Eurasian agricultural College

Colleges - Eurasian agricultural College

For staffing of medical institutions qualified workers in the city of Almaty, in 1981 was founded the City's Medical School, and immediately after opening, happened, incredible for those times, the influx of those seeking medical education. In the same year received 750.

The first specialists were trained under the program of nursing, a year later, issued a decree on the reorganization of schools in Almaty city medical College. Thus appeared the first in the Republic of Kazakhstan medical College. The College began to establish relations with foreign educational institutions, and, after long negotiations, signed a cooperation agreement with the American city of Tucson. The partnership started in 1993, has improved the material and technical equipment of the College and to enhance teachers ' skills.

In 1995 we began to bring American scientists and news items in English, of course, with translators.

Today we prepare a competitive youth, based on their personal interests and demand in the labour market. After graduation the education and training on the subject of nursing and update knowledge at the level of higher medical educational institutions.

As was once said. Nazarbayev 'the Book is the first teacher', so the library we paid a lot of attention. The total book Fund is in the order of 72000 copies. Students are issued passes, which they can visit the library to get books and to pass their own literature to the center stacks.

By enrolling in our College, you will be assured that you will get a job, as 85% of our graduates find employment, due to the constant demand in the labor market.

Admission is on a competitive basis by results of examinations or UNT for specialty: Nursing, medicine, Laboratory diagnosis, pharmacy. Training period 2 years 10 months to 3 years and 10 months.

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