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College of geodesy and cartography in Families

Semey, St. dawn, 42 +7 (7222) 42-27-38
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College of geodesy and kartografiia in Families on educational portle Kazakhstan

College of geodesy and kartografiia in Families on educational portle Kazakhstan

College of geodesy and cartography in the city of Semey, in which you can do after the 9th grade, was founded in 1946 as the College of the topography. Material-technical base has more than a thousand pieces of photographic equipment, twenty-six of which are invented and assembled in our College, there are twenty different laboratories, more than thirty classrooms. The teaching staff includes graduates of Novosibirsk and Moscow College of geodesy and cartography, engineers of the highest category who have sufficient experience for the professional education of our students.

Currently, the College cooperates with many educational institutions of Kazakhstan and foreign Universities, in which teachers are training. After graduation, students are distributed throughout the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Agency controlled by the government of the Republic, on land administration, which is carried out topographical and geodeziniu work.

Given the large government demand for qualified personnel in our College, since 1998, held various state orders for specialists of the profile of the 'Technician-surveyor', 'Technician aerial surveyor', 'Technician cartographer'.

We are located at address: East Kazakhstan region, Semey, street, dawn, 42. Phone reception: +7 (7222) 30-71-42.

Upon completion, graduates receive a state diploma. You will be able to continue training in higher educational institutions of our country and abroad. Our graduates always find good jobs due to only one of our College, as no other does not prepare employees for our unique specialties.

For admission to the school must pass the exam of KTA on a General basis, when entering after eleventh grade, a certificate of UNT is not required.

Waiting for you and your documents are highly skilled in our school and hope that the training in our College will bring you essential knowledge and will help later in life.


Юлия З. 10/02/2021

Супер колледж самые теплые воспоминания , об учителях и об учебе Ирине Петровне большой привет, лучшие годы

Кайрат С. 15/01/2021

Лучший колледж нашей страны, закончив у тебя обязательно будет работа, если колледж не найдет то ребята подтянут.
Учитесь на геодезиста, и у вас всегда будет достаточно средств для житья.
Обучают хорошо. Доступно и доходчиво.
Советую всем кто любит строительную романтику.

Nurdaulet Tusipbekuly 20/11/2020

Не понятная автошкола.

Елена Дайнеко 11/11/2020

Место, где прошли лучшие студенческие годы. Не жалею, что там училась.

Damir Tursunkanov 19/04/2020

Отличное место для обучения рекомендую))

Sergei Monov 17/03/2020

Колледж выпускает хороших специалистов.

Темирлан Е. 15/02/2020

Колледж является одним из самых лучших в стране, потому что да т своим студентам большой багаж теоретических и практических знаний.

Айгуль Айтанова 06/01/2020

Лучший колледж

Верджин Омар 27/12/2019

Это ад. Тут страшно и капец как трудно выживать. Ехать. Бегите. Не подходите

Шынар Р. 21/04/2019

Там где я учусь, не может быть плохим

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