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SCC: Humanitarian and technical College in Petropavlovsk

Address: 42 Teatralnaya str., Petropavlovsk 150000Phone: 8 (7152) 46 52 15
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SCC: Humanitarian and technical College in Petropavlovsk - Colleges на образовательном портале

SCC: Humanitarian and technical College in Petropavlovsk - Colleges на образовательном портале

Humanitarian and technical College in the city of Petropavlovsk is one of the oldest institutions in Northern Kazakhstan. College is a whole complex consisting of six buildings, fifty-eight laboratories and classrooms. Technical Park, fully equipped with the latest technology classrooms, the library and information technology center.

To get admitted in the College on the basis of 9 classes and 11. The book Fund of library and reading hall is about 90 thousand different copies. Librarians write about 400 titles of magazines and Newspapers. Thanks to the information technology center, which is being implemented computerization of all training in Kazakhstan, in electronic form, our College received the status of the leading technical institutions in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

We have a sports complex including stadium, sports halls, sauna, gym. There is a student hostel for 300 people. Our industrial Park — the only Park which is the practice of auto mechanics with all the necessary equipment. Technical Park has a laboratory for testing the strength of metals and materials.

During 65 years of work of College, he was repeatedly recognized as the best educational institution in the Soviet Union and the CEB, was awarded with diplomas of the higher ranks of our state.

In 2012, the College passed the state certification and has the right to teach for five years in 16 specialties.

For admission to the school must pass random creative examinations on General grounds, when entering after eleventh grade, a certificate of UNT is not required.

Waiting for you and your documents are highly skilled in our school and hope that the training in our College will bring you essential knowledge and will help later in life.

Никита Ирвин 15/12/2020

Хочется просто сказать, что данное учебное заведение мне очень нравится. Хороший преподавательский состав. Хорошее здание, достаточно оснащенное. Рад, что учился там).

Псевдоним. 15/12/2020

Хотел сюда в какой-то момент пойти, потом передумал и вообще ушел в художку... со всеми бывает.

Имя 15/12/2020

QR-код как сканировать? Через какое приложение?

forDi 15/12/2020

Как человек с высшим образованием заявляю, среднее специальное тут получать не стоит.

Мистер дофига умный 15/12/2020

"Адрес: ул. Театральная 42, Петропавловск 150000Телефон: 8 (7152) 46 52 15 "
Ошибка с пробелом. Исправьте, пожалуйста. Кхм.

А к заведению притензий у меня нет, вообще хз в другом городе живу.

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